Doc's Information

Breed: Cattle Dog/Shepherd Mix,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 3 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Dallas, TX

Doc is a generally easy-going yet sometimes excitable companion who’s naturally wary of the world around him.

In the home he’s well-behaved without any destructive tendencies, except maybe the occasional theft of an unattended sandwich. In 2 years he’s only had one accident that was during a bout of diarrhea. While he may appear to be lazing about, he is alert to the outside world and will speak up if needed.

Outside of the home, his instincts can get the better of him with excessive stimulation. He has a high prey drive (leash is a necessity), and coupled with his herding instincts, runners and cyclist can shift him from calm walk to lunging and barking pretty quickly (I did learn the hard way about redirected excitement here once he snapped at me for getting in the way). Unfortunately, as he does need his exercise, living in a dense apartment neighborhood, has made counter-training on this difficult. Plenty of space for secure backyard exercise, play and bio-breaks would be beneficial.

As a stray, he was not well socialized. He is hit or miss with other dogs and strangers – although once he picks up on me having an established relationship with someone, he’s usually good with them. Unproven with children.

Other Notes: Crate trained with some reluctance during the day (FOMO), car friendly, sheds regularly with peaks at seasonal changes, still working on not jumping to greet people.

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