Smokey's Information

Breed: DSH,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with: Cats,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Dallas, Texas

Smokey can tolerate other cats but he doesn’t play or cuddle with them often. Maybe twice a week. He cares more about his human and can form a strong bond. I’ve taken him out on walks leashes or unleashed every once in a while and he follows me like a dog! He can also be a lap cat when the other cats are not around and he’s alone with his human.

He would do best without another cat or just one other to share his human. 3 would be a crowd and I have 4 cats! He likes to play with wand teasers but doesn’t get the chance often because the other 3 always charges in and he always sits back to let the others play. Same with feeding, he’s a slow eater and the others finish and steal his food and he’ll sir back and cry to me to fend them off!

I’ve had him for 6 months since his previous owner dumped (my neighbor saw it happened). I have a total of 4 cats right now and it’s too many for my 1 BR condo. One of the other 4 is a stray that came to my door as well and will need rehoming soon. The rescues and shelters are full, most likely due to kitten season right now.

In summary, Smokey would be much happier in a less crowded home so he can get more human attention.

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